Tv programming

Action Burger has two 55″ HDTV’s.  One is a Samsung 1080p and the other is a 4k television.  The Samsung tv specializes in reproducing excellent color and pictures.  Some customers complain the images are too realistic.  Action Burger purchases mostly quality blu-ray movies and tv shows. Some of the shows will play from regular tv.  Some of the categories are classic tv shows, sci-fi movies, new movies, classic cartoons and alot more. Home theater 7.1 sound will be coming to the restaurant soon.

Here are some of the tv shows and movies Action Burger will be playing:

TV SHOWS AND CLASSIC TV SHOWS: Wonder women (70s), Incredible Hulk (70s), V series (80s), Automan (80s), Small Wonder (80s), Star Trek Original, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Next generation, Manamel (80s), Knight Rider (80s), A-Team (80s), Alien Nation (80s), Amazing Stories (80s), Twilight zone (80s),  Dr. who (70s & 80s), Mork and Mindy (80s), Quantum Leap (90s), Xena Warrior princess, The X-files (90s), Big Bang Theory (00s), Fringe (00s), Stargate series, In living color (90s), The moment of Truth, The Walking Dead, classic Batman (60s), science tv shows (universe, through the worm hole, etc), Breaking bad, Lost, Call Saul, Greatest American hero and more.

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CARTOONS AND CLASSIC CARTOONS:  Voltron, Batman animated series, Super friends, Simpsons, Family guy, Anime nights, Bug Bunny and friends, Voltron, Voltron cars, Jetsons, Woody wood pecker, Justice league, Xmen cartoons, Antz, Despicable me 1 & 2, Walle, Wreck it ralph and more.

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MOVIES AND SCI-FI MOVIES: Avengers, Hulk, Spider-man, Iron-man, Fast and Furious, James Bond (60s-00s), Star Gate, Flash Gordon, Battle Star galactica (80s), Batman movies (89-14), Independence day, Pearl Harbor,  Terminator series,  Bruce lee classics, The Last Dragon, The Goonies, Matrix, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Dark Matter, The Event, Star Trek Movies, Pacific Rim, Abyss, Event horizon, Watchman, Lawnmower man, Superman, Contact, Avatar, The Good the Bad The Ugly, Back to the Future trilogy, Blade, Mad Max,

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Group birthday parties or groups of 7 or more can request their own tv show or movie to be played on the screens.